30 Dec 2017

5 Reasons why your Business needs a Website

Gone are the days when business was all about the field work. Today, anyone can sell or buy something with few clicks without moving out of his comfort zone. The Internet has opened wide possibilities of doing business.

People browse for a variety of things on the internet. They order those instantly which they found interesting. That’s why having a website is a must in the present scenario. A Business Website comes with a wide range of benefits along with customer satisfaction and trust. So, let us have a look at top 5 Reasons why your business needs a Website.

  • Wider Audience, More Traffic

The Internet is all about connecting the world at one place. Millions of people browse internet daily. With the help of a website, you can target and derive public from any part of the world easily. This is how the reach and growth of your business increases exponentially.

  • Creating your Brand Image & Awareness

On the online platform, it is all about leaving a mark or get noticed. You figure out different ways to engage the audience and turn them into potential customers. People, often use social media to promote their website and its activities too. This is how it should go in the present world. One who can use his website along with social media efficiently is the master of business right now.

  • Gaining Customer Trust

The basic rule of business says that customer should be the priority. A happy customer is a form of advertisement on his own. That’s why a website can help your customers interact with you more effectively. With online support systems, you can now solve their problems in seconds which used to take days. You can also know about feedback on your existing products or what kind of product do they expect from you. Additional features include notifying them new products, different discounts and sales regularly etc.

  • Cheap & Highly Effective

Having a website is cheaper. Instead of paying money to various advertising companies to show your product ads, you can advertise your own products on your website. Moreover, here you can advertise and market to the whole world unlike the ad services. Owning a website gives you more freedom to take your decisions quick and easily.

  • Professionalism means Your Own Website

Website in today’s world is highly important. If your business does not have a informative website, people might not take you seriously in the market. A well-developed, updated website speaks professionalism. Moreover, it sends a positive message to the mind of your customers that you are ready for them anywhere and anytime.

These were the top 5 Reasons why your Business needs a Website. Make sure you go through all these points and clear up your doubts about having a website. This petty investment will expose your talent and products to the global market.

Global Market means more audience, more traffic to the website, and more successful transactions for your business which Codifier Technologies can provide you.

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13 Dec 2017

Web Application Development in UK

In this advanced age, we witness rapid development of technologies daily. People are getting more and more reliable on the internet rather than the conventional methods. This has forced companies to shift their focus to the internet where they can buy/sell goods and services easily.

Today, the e-business has expanded its roots by many folds. Web Developers have started employing various e-based applications in the websites that enables the website owners to do a lot of things.

What is Web Application Development?

Web Application Development is a process through which web developers develop as well as maintain software applications, which are used for developing web pages and deploying similar kind of solutions. Commonly used programming languages for web application development are Java and PHP.

Web Application Development in UK is getting more and more popular. Due to newer technologies and more advanced programming languages, there is a development in flexibility which has led to an exponential increase in the web applications.

Web Application Model

Just like any other software development model, the web application model is constructed on the basis of three tier system.

User Services:

This tier is responsible for providing interaction between the consumer and the application with the help of a visual gateway. This may include from basic HTML and DHMTL to complex COM components and Java Applets.

Business Services:

Business service tier allows the user to perform the complex actions with the help of a Web Interface. It is the one which provides the business logic and procedures to the User Services. It varies from Web scripting in ASP/JSP/PHP to server side programming like TCL, CORBA and PERL.

Data Services:

This is the ultimate tier of the 3 tier system. It stores, retrieve and update information at a higher level. Since databases are most practical for any web developer, this layer is highly important. It allows any developer to store, retrieve and update in a categorized and systematic manner.

Phases of a Web Application Development Project

  • Generation of an Idea
  • Devising the Plan to execute the Idea
  • Application Development Phase
  • Application Testing
  • Support and Stability

Benefits of Web Application Development:

With the help of Web-based applications and its utilities, any company can improve their work process over Internet and Intranet.

These are those applications which reaches every corner of the world, unlike the conventional methods which fails to do so. Hence, they improve your business and takes it a whole new level.

Web based Applications enables you to get rid of various complex manual operations.

These applications allows the entrepreneurs to do multiple tasks at the same time.

By employing web based applications, you can save a lot of time, money and a lot of other resource as well.

Through these applications, you can interact with each and every customer easily.

Just like any other part of the world, Web Application Development in UK is in high demand and it is definitely a field that is going to achieve new heights in the future.

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