06 Jan 2018

New Year Resolutions for 2k18

New Year Resolutions are something that most of us make but aren’t able to fulfill. You might have even made resolutions for 2k17 that you failed to achieve. Well, if you were able to achieve them it’s great, and if you didn’t then don’t worry. Here are some of the pro tips and resolutions for you that you can help you achieve your Top New Year Resolutions for 2k18.

First, let’s have a look at the top resolutions that should be on everyone’s list.

  • Fitness Goals

Fitness goals are made almost every day, every month and definitely every year. Some are able to achieve them, some aren’t. Getting in shape is definitely a tough task. If you are unable to follow tight workout schedules, running and other exercises. Don’t worry.

All you need to do is go step by step. Just walk a little every day. With each passing week, add on to the distance you walk. You can also compete with your friends which might be really helpful.

20-30 minutes of daily activity is enough for you to keep fit. Be it your yoga exercises, your running schedules or your gym workouts. Just keep progressing and most importantly always eat healthy.

  • Get Organized

On introspecting yourself, you will get to know how much unorganized person you are. But, this doesn’t mean that you need to change all your activities all of a sudden.

You can start with small things like dedicate a particular day to check on all your bills, bank activities etc. You can make 3 or 4 files to get your all documents organized. For e.g. A separate folder for all the family bills, one for the medical prescriptions, one for your personal documents etc.

  • Give up on your Bad Habits

We all know about the adverse effects of alcohol, gambling or smoking. Yet, we keep going with them. We make plans to quit on them for health or for our family. But, that doesn’t happens. So, this year go for a counselling, or try nicotine gums, or something that helps you give on your bad habits.

We also associate bad habits with alcohol, smoking and such activities. But, lie is one of those bad habits which is highly destructive. So, try being honest to your partner, friends and family from the first day of the year. You might face difficulties in the start, might even cause issues, but if you will stick to it, life will be really better.

  • Learn Something New

This Year make a difference. Try some new skill, some new game, a new business or a new instrument. Let it be anything. Try something that you always wanted to do. Some people even learn new languages each year, and this adds on to the list of the qualities they possess.

So, these are the top New Year Resolutions for 2k18 that you should go for. Moreover, if you find it hard to achieve them. Involve someone with you too. Sometimes competition is good for you. Moreover, there are thousands of apps on Android Play Store that can help you with your goals and exercises too. So, try doing all these from the very first day of the New Year, meet new people, spend time with your family and friends, be happy and have a happy and delightful new year.

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