13 Dec 2017

Application Maintenance in UK

Our world is changing rapidly and so is our industry. Every day we get to see new technologies and advanced products. All this has led to increased competition in almost each and every field. That is why it is difficult for any minor company to survive in the market.

In order to be the best, you need to get better with each passing day. In order to gain advantage over their competitors, one must aim for continuous improvement. That’s why business organizations keep on replacing their outdated and conventional techniques and applications with the new and the better ones. These advanced applications are highly efficient and time saver.

All this has shown us that why Application Maintenance is an important field in today’s world.

What is Application Maintenance?

Basically, Application Maintenance can be defined as that branch of software development whose sole aim is to extend the useful life of deployed solution. Moreover, they also work as additional processes which ensures the proper working of such solutions.

Application Maintenance in UK is on the rise and every leading organization is giving stress on that.
Types of Application Maintenance:-

Basically there are two types of Application Maintenance and Support (AMS),

AMS for Application Fixes
1. Corrective Maintenance:
In corrective maintenance, the problem is detected by the AMS team first and then the proper solution is applied for the same. This may include glitches, improper functionality etc.

2. Adaptive Maintenance:
Sometimes a company may change their software solutions due to changing market scenarios, demands etc. In order to ensure that these solutions works with maximum possible efficiency, Adaptive Maintenance is done.

AMS for Application Enhancements
These are the solutions or the services provided by a team to improve the functionality of an environment or its efficiency.
1. Improvement Maintenance:
Maintenance performed in order to upgrade the existing system based on user feedback and the problems identified over time.

2. Preventive Maintenance:
In order to keep a business environment healthy and continuously working, proper maintenance must be done. This is to ensure that no halts or barriers can stop the work anyhow. The maintenance deals with the analysis of the system to ensure its top notch performance, higher reliability etc.


No matter if you talk about Application Maintenance in UK or any other part of the world, you can’t deny its importance in the current world.

In this age of competition, Application Maintenance is like a boon to the business environment which helps companies to gain competitive advantage in the market.

These are the services that helps you achieving a qualitative business environment in your business organization. They help in building up your organization stronger, reliable and highly efficient.

Any kind of situation breakdown can be deal with the help of the above mentioned maintenance so that the work keeps on going.

Always remember, “Even for the best, there is a possibility of becoming better”. The only one who strives for continuous improvement, survives.

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