30 Mar 2018

Top 5 Advantages of Mobile app Development

Running a business is no longer easy. The market is highly competitive and in order to survive, you have to stand out from the crowd. You have to be different and gain a cutting edge over your competitors. This edge to your business can be provided by Mobile App Development.

It has enormous benefits. Moreover, finding a Mobile App Development company in UK isn’t difficult now. All you need is an idea, the features you want in your app and in no time any company will make it for you.

www.codifer.co is one of those companies which can make your dream ideas of an app come true. They provide quality services and that too at affordable rates.

If you’re still in dilemma why your business needs an app, then here are the top 5 advantages of Mobile App development.


  1. Providing One to One Service

With a mobile app, you will be able to know what your customers search and their areas of interest. Moreover, interaction will be way smoother than other forms. Based on the results, you can send special offers to your customers and make them know about the future products and services etc.

  1. Less Problems and Reduced Problem Solving Time

Since, mobile apps let anyone interact with support department of a company easily, hence it leads to reduced problem solving time. Most of the problems associated with the product are reduced with proper guidance from the customer care. Moreover, the number of problems for any company are also reduced.

  1. Growing Brand Awareness

With mobile apps, you are able to reach more number of people as compared to your past records. Anyone over the globe can use your mobile app and find out about your products which will help you in building up a brand image. So,

More number of users = More Brand Awareness and Growth

  1. Staying Ahead in the Race

It also helps you in gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors. The growth rate becomes exponential and a good quality app can help you strengthen your business by many times.

Don’t forget to get your app updates regularly as it keeps you ahead in the race all the time.

  1. Ease of Business

Mobile app enables their user to perform a transaction right from their place. They do not have to reach out to you if they need anything. They can simply buy the product with the help of the app easily. This ease of business is what any company needs right now.

These are just few of the advantages of mobile app development. There are many more. So, if you are looking forward to increase your pace of growth in the market, make sure you contact a mobile app developer right away. There are hundreds of Mobile App Development companies in UK providing services at different rates. You can choose any one of them. But, Make sure your preference is to have a quality app for your business.

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18 Mar 2018

App Designing Companies in UK

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Since the turn of the decade, there has been an exponential increase in the number of smartphone users. Thus, for any business to now take off, having its own app is a necessity. Apps, not websites, are the new gateways for bringing in new consumers and in turn, new revenue options. But any app is as good  as its design. An aesthetically pleasing design and you have a huge following giving you the breathing space to improve other aspects of the app.

But how does Codifier approach the task? Here is the lowdown on how the process works:

  • Researching for the design: Designing an app is completely different from designing a website. Are you designing an app for a sports channel or something for car driving enthusiasts? Do you want it to be consistent with minimal changes in future releases or does your Codifier wants something that could be altered every now and then to maintain that “Wow” factor.
  • Studying the competition: “What” you do matters more so when you take into account “How” it is already being done. If you are planning to develop a food ordering website, then how different would it be from the current apps out there? Are you planning to make the payments with one-tap or are you planning to have a pop up for favorite menu items for a particular user?
  • Working on Mobile app navigation is the most vital part of any app. The easier it is for people to find what they are looking for, the more traffic your app generates. Here, being conventional is a good choice to make.
  • Choosing the right typography is equally important as the limited mobile screen space needs to be used as effectively as possible
  • Mobile app design color scheme is the factor that comes next. Picking out colors that complement each other helps in attracting the users so that they keep coming back for more. On the contrary, clunky design results in less visitors.
  • Finally, the testing is a must before launching the app. Does the app orientation remains the same upon changing the screen from vertical to horizontal? Does the color suffer from inconsistencies upon navigating? The sooner the issues are found and fixed, the better the end results for Codifier.

A good design always an advantage. How? Read on to find out:

  • An addictive design leads to visitor retention thereby enabling the company to be sure about its forecasts for annual growth and set targets.
  • A good design requiring lesser tinkering leads to a stable product thereby a popular app and greater revenues
  • A good design may lead to a good product and thereby higher growth but the contrary is not true.
  • With a good design, launching new subsidiary apps or sister apps have a head start over the other apps upon being launched.
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13 Mar 2018

iPhone App Development Company in UK

With the launch of iPhone X and the exceptional sales figures achieved by it, one thing has been made certain: Apple’s iPhone are here to dominate. While the numbers may not match that with the Android phones, there is a sizeable chunk of iPhone users out there and most importantly, those users are the consumers who are more likely to opt for a good quality paid app. Thus, any Codifier that is delivering quality end products would have a considerable market.

So how many types of apps are available for iPhones? And which is the best option to choose for an Codifier?

  • Broadly speaking apps are divided in two categories: Hybrid and Native
  • Hybrid apps are the ones which are developed to be used across many mobile platforms. i.e., the app can be installed and run on iPhones as well as an Android phones. The ubiquity though, comes at a price. With the compromise of catering to different platforms, the performance and user experience takes a hit. Thus, it’s a high probability that users may not be fond of the app after some time.
  • The Native apps, on the other hand, are designed to be installed and used specifically for one platform. Thus, for iPhone users, the app would run only on iPhones. The biggest advantage is the superior user experience and increase in performance. With the increase in positive response, it’s the Native app that is the better of the two.

The approach of any iPhone App Development Company in UK towards App development is divided into the following phases:

  • Generating an idea: Finding a user group that the app can reach out
  • Strategy: Deciding on how to target the growth of consumers and how to monetize the app for revenue generation.
  • Designing: Being an iPhone app, this has to be the most important aspect. Aesthetics and superior user experience were the reasons why Apple has been dominating the market for such a long time. Thus, the superior the designing, the more the number of users
  • Development: This is a pretty straightforward choice as C sharp it the language used for iPhone app development. However, Apple’s own language, SWIFT, is also available.
  • Deployment and Maintenance: These deal with how the app would be launched and the working of maintaining the app, i.e., providing updates and bug fixes.

So why would an app be better if developed for iPhone?

  • Cue: Why do all the big companies launch the apps first for iPhones and not for Android? That’s more do with the audience and greater possibilities of monetization available.
  • A more robust platform for app to test its new features
  • A better foundation to provide new features for better look and feel. Thus, there exists a bigger and better scope for launching the new features and thus getting a better review from the users.
  • A wider audience to reach out and better consumer pool to monetize from.
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14 Feb 2018

Top Mistakes that App Developers make during App Development

Having a mobile or web application has become the essence of any business nowadays. It simplifies your work and the way your customers connect with you. It also helps them connect with you anywhere, anytime. Hence, this builds up a special bond between you and your customers.

So, if you are looking forward to hire an “App Development Company in UK” for your business, you should know about the top mistakes that App Developers make during App development.

Mistake 1: Building an App for Multiple Platforms

Instead of launching apps on two different platforms, focus on building an ideal app for one platform first. It has been seen that app developers do this common mistake where they try to earn from everywhere. But, that’s not how it works. For e.g. Instead of going with both Play Store and App Store, focus on Play Store first. Launch the app, update it regularly and eliminate out the difficulties faced by the customers.

Mistake 2: Incorporating too many features at once

Many app developers either try to incorporate too many features at once or too less. These features make the app more complex instead of making it more amazing. The basic mantra for a brilliant app is to just keep it simple. The more easily the end user can interact with the app, the more successful your app becomes. You can do all this just by including all the primary features on the primary screen and the rest on the secondary screens.

Mistake 3: App UI not so interesting

Sometime, an app developers builds up an amazing app but it still fails to impress the potential customers. The reason might lie in its User Interface. Basically, you need to consider the fact that your app must have that “WOW” feature in it. When someone opens, he should be impressed by the way your app has been designed. Its look and its features both should be impressive and easy to use. But remember, you should not overdo these things too.

Mistake 4: Considering your App as perfect and not releasing any updates for it.

This is one common mistake that most of the app developers do. So, when you are looking for an “App Development Company in UK”, you should ask your developers for updates too. These updates can be based on user suggestions, any problem or app bug that you get to know about in the post-launch phase etc. Even if you are not changing any functional features, you can change the UI of the app, so that it looks brand new. This is to ensure that your user doesn’t get bored and it also keeps them hooked to the app.

So, these were the common mistakes that app developers commit in the present time. Since, you know about them all, you can keep a check on it and help your app developer make an amazing business app for you. If you need an app for your business, you can also visit www.codifier.co and check out some brilliant templates which are available at minimal cost.

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25 Jan 2018

10 Questions That the Clients May Ask the Mobile App Developers

In the present time, you need to work on other things too apart from the factors that affect the efficiency of your product and services. These are as necessary as other production parameters for your business. These “extra” services or functions helps in increasing your reach all over the world. Moreover, they provide an impact approach in your business. One of these services includes the availability of a Mobile App.

A Mobile App is must in the present time for any business. It allows your users to connect with you anytime and anywhere. In order to make an amazing mobile app, you can visit codifier.

So, if you are planning to hire a developer for your business who ca develop a mobile app for you or your busiess, then here are the 10 Questions That the Clients May Ask the Mobile App Developers.

Let’s have a look.

Q.1  Can I have a look at the previous apps that you have developed?

Client may ask the mobile developers about their past work. That’s why they should be prepared to show some of the previous projects done by them. Moreover, they should include their best apps developed in this lot and also some apps from the ongoing projects.

Q.2 What are your core services?

Clients are always curious to know about your app development process. Moreover, they can come up with questions like what strategies will you adopt in case of any unexpected failure or problem within the app? So, be prepared all these questions and to explain your methodology of work that you will go through while developing the application.

Q.3  How can I earn money?

Well, this one is a general question. Since, apps are developed for a better reach and audience, some might use the app itself for business. That’s why some clients loves to know how they can make some money with the app itself.

Q.4  What will be the means of targeting the audience?

If anyone wants to have a better reach and audience, they get their app available on the most popular platforms like Play Store or App Store. For this, prior permissions are required. The purchase by the consumers are done when these requests or permissions are approved.

Q.5  What will be your preferred mode of communication during the app development process?

Any Client loves to know the progress of their work with the passage of time. So, make sure you inform your client about the preferred way of communication and how you are going to deal with the whole process as per his requirements.

Q.6  Do you have any awards or recognitions?

He might also ask you if you did any significant work or for your recognitions. The app developers with recognitions and more awards can easily make more money than the others.

Q.7  Can you work within my budget?

Most of the developers already inform their clients about their plans and charges. But, there are some who work according to the client needs and their budget.

Q.8  Will there be any special feature in my app?

Any app with extra features can grab more attention than the other of the same genre. That’s why clients tend to ask this question.

Q.9  Do you know about the use of IDE tools?

Since most of the developers are aware of the IDE tools, Clients might ask you about them, their use and benefits.

Q.10 How do you calculate the pricing of an app?

Investment in anything is important in business. Getting a mobile app developed makes the user curious, how app developers calculate the pricing of the app so one might ask that too.

So, these were our 10 Questions That the Clients May Ask the Mobile App Developers. Make sure, you go through all of them.


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06 Jan 2018

New Year Resolutions for 2k18

New Year Resolutions are something that most of us make but aren’t able to fulfill. You might have even made resolutions for 2k17 that you failed to achieve. Well, if you were able to achieve them it’s great, and if you didn’t then don’t worry. Here are some of the pro tips and resolutions for you that you can help you achieve your Top New Year Resolutions for 2k18.

First, let’s have a look at the top resolutions that should be on everyone’s list.

  • Fitness Goals

Fitness goals are made almost every day, every month and definitely every year. Some are able to achieve them, some aren’t. Getting in shape is definitely a tough task. If you are unable to follow tight workout schedules, running and other exercises. Don’t worry.

All you need to do is go step by step. Just walk a little every day. With each passing week, add on to the distance you walk. You can also compete with your friends which might be really helpful.

20-30 minutes of daily activity is enough for you to keep fit. Be it your yoga exercises, your running schedules or your gym workouts. Just keep progressing and most importantly always eat healthy.

  • Get Organized

On introspecting yourself, you will get to know how much unorganized person you are. But, this doesn’t mean that you need to change all your activities all of a sudden.

You can start with small things like dedicate a particular day to check on all your bills, bank activities etc. You can make 3 or 4 files to get your all documents organized. For e.g. A separate folder for all the family bills, one for the medical prescriptions, one for your personal documents etc.

  • Give up on your Bad Habits

We all know about the adverse effects of alcohol, gambling or smoking. Yet, we keep going with them. We make plans to quit on them for health or for our family. But, that doesn’t happens. So, this year go for a counselling, or try nicotine gums, or something that helps you give on your bad habits.

We also associate bad habits with alcohol, smoking and such activities. But, lie is one of those bad habits which is highly destructive. So, try being honest to your partner, friends and family from the first day of the year. You might face difficulties in the start, might even cause issues, but if you will stick to it, life will be really better.

  • Learn Something New

This Year make a difference. Try some new skill, some new game, a new business or a new instrument. Let it be anything. Try something that you always wanted to do. Some people even learn new languages each year, and this adds on to the list of the qualities they possess.

So, these are the top New Year Resolutions for 2k18 that you should go for. Moreover, if you find it hard to achieve them. Involve someone with you too. Sometimes competition is good for you. Moreover, there are thousands of apps on Android Play Store that can help you with your goals and exercises too. So, try doing all these from the very first day of the New Year, meet new people, spend time with your family and friends, be happy and have a happy and delightful new year.

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