05 Feb

Smart Work V/s Hard Work

In case you are onto some task, what type of work will you prefer, working hard or working smart? In order to know who wins in a battle of “Smart Work V/s Hard Work”, let us find out the difference between the two.

Hard Work

Hard work can be simply defined as dedicating oneself to the activity that he is doing and do whatever it takes to complete the activity.


Smart Work

Smart Work can be defined as the art of copying successful methods, using creative and innovative short tricks, mental efforts rather than physical in order to reduce the time taken to complete an activity is termed as smart work. You can also see that this is the one that somebody uses to increase efficiency of an activity or a process.

Which One Is Better?

People often termed hard work as Donkey’s work as working hard may sometime take you nowhere unless you are well aware of the process you are performing. On the other hand, working smart makes you the king. But does that mean, in the battle of “Smart Work V/s Hard Work, smart work wins easily?

Well, the answer is No. Hard Work is also important in one’s daily life.

In order to have a better idea about both of them, let’s have a look at an example.


A person starts a business, runs it, use various manufacturing operations in order to get his goods and services finalized. He does all this in a long time and with a lot of hard work. Makes pamphlets, gives ads in order to promote his profit and then earn some profit.

On the other hand, a smart person runs a business smartly, tries to finish up his goods and services in the least possible time with maximum efficiency. He takes the help of Internet in order to promote his goods and services worldwide. Moreover, he hires a mobile developer agency to build an app for their business which will help people connect anywhere, anytime (www.codifier.co can help you build an app of your own choice at a minimal investment with a variety of features). All this might help him earn more profit than the hard working person. But, we still can’t judge as the best of both of them.

If you are looking forward to make out max of everything, from your products and services, you need to carry hard work along with smart work. Working hard in a Smart Way is the best possible way out there which will help you achieve your dreams and reach all the milestones that you have set for your future.

Example 2:

You might have seen people who prepare a lot for their competitive exams. Give several attempts and still fail to clear an exam while there are some who cracks the exams in their very first attempt. That’s the power of working hard in a smart way. You can easily achieve all the objectives that you set with this mind set.


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