Challenges and Opportunities :

Local governments worldwide impose regulations on real estate sales, financing and leasing activities, in order to augment consumer service. These regulations, varying from state-to-state, include regulation of real estate appraisals, home inspections and auctions and licensing stipulations. The evolving advancements in industry practices call for replacement of the outdated MLS system with an amalgamated “single-source syndication CMS tool for streamlining the workflow of the realtors. A substantial number of leads reposing in your inbox doesn’t equate to leased or sold property. In fact, more leads counterclaim more efforts at your end. Only qualified leads, when shepherded through a consolidated sales process, yield a advanced ROI.

How Codifier Helps :

Showcase your properties and connect with prospect buyers in a better manner. Codifier develops portals, mobile applications and websites that give your real estate business a competitive edge. Codifier aims to proximate consumers to the business. Business solutions rendered by Codifier enable you to synchronize your offline results with your online efforts to harness better results. We develop portals as well as iPad and mobile applications wherein you can showcase your properties and connect with prospect buyers. We Build software solutions that can be accessed across multiple platforms, enabling you to expand your customer reach while complying with the federal as well as local government regulations. Codifier designs plethora of solutions mapping from customized CRM solutions, personalized CMS solutions and mobile solutions that integrate real estate listings with email alerts and SMSes. Empower your sales process by analyzing customer behavior and formulating trend analysis and statistical reports. Solutions developed at Codifier are aimed at simplifying the process of scheduling inspections, synchronizing your offline business with online actions and increase the overall efficiency of your real estate business.

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