Challenges and Opportunities :

Professional services firms are encountered with innumerable challenges in their business workflow. As commoditization of offerings, surging wages, increasing operational costs and cut-throat competition are contributing to decreased margins, productivity trends continue to be a no-show. Technological limitation and lack of automation add further to the lower levels of productivity. While challenges and opportunities keep showing up, the success mantra lies in efficiently managing inputs and delivering cost-effective outputs to the customers. Evolving customer demands and changing business requisites tend to threaten the profitability margins of professional services firms. Thus, the call of the hour is to analyze profit margins and work upon bottom lines strategical. Every project demands a specific skill set and domain expertise for successful completion. It becomes eminent to allocate resources thoughtfully, analyzing various parameters, to meet the requisites of individual projects and deliver qualitative solutions. Effective growth management is even a bigger challenge as compared to growth achievement. Firms are required to strike a balance between customer expectations and business deliverables to ensure quick,steady and multi-faceted growth of the business model.

How Codifier Helps :

Software solutions delivered by our developers aids your firm in sustaining cut-throat competition. At Codifier,we understand that professional service interfaces are not just about appealing aesthetics- it’s about a scalable design and rich functionalities that make consumer’s web experience an inviting one. Whether you are seeking solutions for Accounting Software, Research and Development ERP, Business Management Consulting, Architecture ERP and Business Process Management or Marketing Project Management, Codifier has diversified customization services for you.Codifier renders top-rated project management software solutions that enable your firm to give personalized attention to each project, including on-going engagements and new pitches. Our account management solutions unify the view of client relationship, thus making management effective. Solutions offered by Codifier completely integrate into your business model to reduce revenue leakage and maximize the number of billable hours. Account management software solutions rendered by Codifier enable you to manage on-going client engagements and take up new opportunities by presenting client relationship in a single view. Our business management consulting tools aim at reducing leakage of increased profits and revenues and maximizing billable hours by implementing full cycle integration. Our ERP solutions targeted at Research and Development offer increased visibility of current and future human resource needs, thus maximizing resource utilization and performance. Codifier renders Business Process Management Workflow that enables your firm to evaluate issues and build risks into bid management process. Our software tools empower your business to control and manage complex contractual arrangements such as expenses, third parties, procurement and payables cycle, handle revenue recognition and WIP, project budgets, capture opportunities, set cost and rates on project, client or work code basis.

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