30 Mar 2018

Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing

In this modern era competition, any organization cannot handle all the processes at the same time. So, it makes sense to outsource some of the work to the other countries. It can be mostly seen in the IT sector. There are certain Software Development Outsourcing Companies in UK that outsource their work to the less developed nations who has highly trained professionals.

These professionals carry out the development at a far lesser rate than the one available in the domestic market.

So, here are some of the advantages for any Software development outsourcing company in UK,


  1. Considerable Savings in Cost

The first and the foremost advantage of software development outsourcing is the amount of money it saves for any organization. The reason behind this is really simple as the professionals in the less developed countries work for a much lesser rate than the ones available in their own country.

So, if you are looking forward to outsource your software development, you might end up getting your work done in almost half rate or even less.

Statistically, it has been seen that it is possible to save as much as 50%-60% when the projects are handed over to an off-shore firm.

  1. Time Saving

The outsourcing saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to do that work by yourself. It helps in the smoother running of any organization allowing you to invest that precious time in other business processes.

  1. High Efficiency of Work

The professionals available in developing or less developed countries work for a much lesser fee even though they have a brilliant skill set. Their high skilled minds helps you to create an effective and productive software for your work. This is why even big companies like Microsoft and Oracle outsource some of their work to the countries that are less developed.

  1. Enhanced Growth and Productivity

The reason behind the outsourcing is really simple. It saves you a lot of time and cost. You can utilize this cost and time and invest somewhere else. This investment helps you speed up the growth of the company and thus making more money.

  1. Better Customer Response

Since your software development is more qualitative than before, the end user experience is improved too. This helps in better customer feedback and helps you in making a brand image for your company.

Quality = Better bonding between the Company and their Customers

  1. Competitive Edge over other companies

Gaining even a slight edge over your competitors is really important in today’s world. With your cost saving, high quality techniques you will be able to focus in a much better way. This competitive edge will help you gain more customers all over the market.

Although, there are more benefits of software development outsourcing but certain things should be kept in mind too while handling outsourcing projects.

Any Software Development Outsourcing Company in UK must keep in mind the basic need and the purpose of outsourcing.

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30 Mar 2018

Top 5 Advantages of Mobile app Development

Running a business is no longer easy. The market is highly competitive and in order to survive, you have to stand out from the crowd. You have to be different and gain a cutting edge over your competitors. This edge to your business can be provided by Mobile App Development.

It has enormous benefits. Moreover, finding a Mobile App Development company in UK isn’t difficult now. All you need is an idea, the features you want in your app and in no time any company will make it for you.

www.codifer.co is one of those companies which can make your dream ideas of an app come true. They provide quality services and that too at affordable rates.

If you’re still in dilemma why your business needs an app, then here are the top 5 advantages of Mobile App development.


  1. Providing One to One Service

With a mobile app, you will be able to know what your customers search and their areas of interest. Moreover, interaction will be way smoother than other forms. Based on the results, you can send special offers to your customers and make them know about the future products and services etc.

  1. Less Problems and Reduced Problem Solving Time

Since, mobile apps let anyone interact with support department of a company easily, hence it leads to reduced problem solving time. Most of the problems associated with the product are reduced with proper guidance from the customer care. Moreover, the number of problems for any company are also reduced.

  1. Growing Brand Awareness

With mobile apps, you are able to reach more number of people as compared to your past records. Anyone over the globe can use your mobile app and find out about your products which will help you in building up a brand image. So,

More number of users = More Brand Awareness and Growth

  1. Staying Ahead in the Race

It also helps you in gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors. The growth rate becomes exponential and a good quality app can help you strengthen your business by many times.

Don’t forget to get your app updates regularly as it keeps you ahead in the race all the time.

  1. Ease of Business

Mobile app enables their user to perform a transaction right from their place. They do not have to reach out to you if they need anything. They can simply buy the product with the help of the app easily. This ease of business is what any company needs right now.

These are just few of the advantages of mobile app development. There are many more. So, if you are looking forward to increase your pace of growth in the market, make sure you contact a mobile app developer right away. There are hundreds of Mobile App Development companies in UK providing services at different rates. You can choose any one of them. But, Make sure your preference is to have a quality app for your business.

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18 Mar 2018

App Designing Companies in UK

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Since the turn of the decade, there has been an exponential increase in the number of smartphone users. Thus, for any business to now take off, having its own app is a necessity. Apps, not websites, are the new gateways for bringing in new consumers and in turn, new revenue options. But any app is as good  as its design. An aesthetically pleasing design and you have a huge following giving you the breathing space to improve other aspects of the app.

But how does Codifier approach the task? Here is the lowdown on how the process works:

  • Researching for the design: Designing an app is completely different from designing a website. Are you designing an app for a sports channel or something for car driving enthusiasts? Do you want it to be consistent with minimal changes in future releases or does your Codifier wants something that could be altered every now and then to maintain that “Wow” factor.
  • Studying the competition: “What” you do matters more so when you take into account “How” it is already being done. If you are planning to develop a food ordering website, then how different would it be from the current apps out there? Are you planning to make the payments with one-tap or are you planning to have a pop up for favorite menu items for a particular user?
  • Working on Mobile app navigation is the most vital part of any app. The easier it is for people to find what they are looking for, the more traffic your app generates. Here, being conventional is a good choice to make.
  • Choosing the right typography is equally important as the limited mobile screen space needs to be used as effectively as possible
  • Mobile app design color scheme is the factor that comes next. Picking out colors that complement each other helps in attracting the users so that they keep coming back for more. On the contrary, clunky design results in less visitors.
  • Finally, the testing is a must before launching the app. Does the app orientation remains the same upon changing the screen from vertical to horizontal? Does the color suffer from inconsistencies upon navigating? The sooner the issues are found and fixed, the better the end results for Codifier.

A good design always an advantage. How? Read on to find out:

  • An addictive design leads to visitor retention thereby enabling the company to be sure about its forecasts for annual growth and set targets.
  • A good design requiring lesser tinkering leads to a stable product thereby a popular app and greater revenues
  • A good design may lead to a good product and thereby higher growth but the contrary is not true.
  • With a good design, launching new subsidiary apps or sister apps have a head start over the other apps upon being launched.
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15 Mar 2018

Mobile Application Development Company in UK

With the advancement in technology, mobile phones now have almost an equal amount of utility as a computer. It’s no wonder then, people prefer to spend most of their time on mobile phones rather than their Computer screens. Thus, the number of companies launching apps have increased considerably.

Now, it’s not the question of “Why” but “How” an app should be developed. As the people are busy on their mobile screens, there is no better way to connect to your consumer. So how does Codifier comes into life? Read on to find out more.

There are different types of mobile apps catering to different philosophies of developers

  • There are mainly two categories of apps when we speak of Codifier: Native and Hybrid.
  • Native apps are the apps which are dedicated and build for a single platform. If you are targeting your consumers to be Android users, the native app would be specifically for the Android platform thus, giving you a superior user experience and a better look and feel. The downside? If you wish to target the iPhone audience, the work will have to start from scratch.
  • Hybrid Apps are the ones that are available for installation and running on any platforms, irrespective of iOS or Android. The advantage is the reach your business can get by launching apps on all the platforms possible, thus engaging more users. The downside? The user experience is compromised and the performance too drops. Thus it’s only logical as more and more companies are taking the native route for their apps

How does the app development work for a Codifier start off?

  • Firstly, the idea is conceived of what an app should be like. What are the features that need to be offered, a gap that you see in the market and that only your product can fill.
  • Second comes the strategy. How do you plan to develop the app? Do you start with a hybrid app and then develop native apps once the word of your product has caught on? Or do you go for native apps from the start? Doing things the right way?
  • Then comes the design, how do you keep the design. Do you choose the path of Amazon? Constantly keeping the same look and feel thereby getting the users addicted to the familiarity or do you believe in reinventing thereby piquing the curiosity of consumers from time to time thereby giving them new reasons of coming back
  • Development and deployment along with post launch phases deal with the platform you intend to develop, i.e., the programming language of your choice. This varies on the type of app you intend to develop. And the launch and maintenance of app plays a big role in firstly, getting the right attention, and secondly, keeping the consumers trusting your app anytime they want to some back

Thus, with the above points in mind, one can choose the right app to get a headstart in their business and witness tremendous growth.

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13 Mar 2018

iPhone App Development Company in UK

With the launch of iPhone X and the exceptional sales figures achieved by it, one thing has been made certain: Apple’s iPhone are here to dominate. While the numbers may not match that with the Android phones, there is a sizeable chunk of iPhone users out there and most importantly, those users are the consumers who are more likely to opt for a good quality paid app. Thus, any Codifier that is delivering quality end products would have a considerable market.

So how many types of apps are available for iPhones? And which is the best option to choose for an Codifier?

  • Broadly speaking apps are divided in two categories: Hybrid and Native
  • Hybrid apps are the ones which are developed to be used across many mobile platforms. i.e., the app can be installed and run on iPhones as well as an Android phones. The ubiquity though, comes at a price. With the compromise of catering to different platforms, the performance and user experience takes a hit. Thus, it’s a high probability that users may not be fond of the app after some time.
  • The Native apps, on the other hand, are designed to be installed and used specifically for one platform. Thus, for iPhone users, the app would run only on iPhones. The biggest advantage is the superior user experience and increase in performance. With the increase in positive response, it’s the Native app that is the better of the two.

The approach of any iPhone App Development Company in UK towards App development is divided into the following phases:

  • Generating an idea: Finding a user group that the app can reach out
  • Strategy: Deciding on how to target the growth of consumers and how to monetize the app for revenue generation.
  • Designing: Being an iPhone app, this has to be the most important aspect. Aesthetics and superior user experience were the reasons why Apple has been dominating the market for such a long time. Thus, the superior the designing, the more the number of users
  • Development: This is a pretty straightforward choice as C sharp it the language used for iPhone app development. However, Apple’s own language, SWIFT, is also available.
  • Deployment and Maintenance: These deal with how the app would be launched and the working of maintaining the app, i.e., providing updates and bug fixes.

So why would an app be better if developed for iPhone?

  • Cue: Why do all the big companies launch the apps first for iPhones and not for Android? That’s more do with the audience and greater possibilities of monetization available.
  • A more robust platform for app to test its new features
  • A better foundation to provide new features for better look and feel. Thus, there exists a bigger and better scope for launching the new features and thus getting a better review from the users.
  • A wider audience to reach out and better consumer pool to monetize from.
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05 Mar 2018

Online Marketing Services in UK

In this modern era of Internet, each and every field is very competitive. In order to survive this competition, your business must have an edge over your competitor. Such edge can be provided with the inclusion of Online Marketing Services in your business. Online Marketing services in UK are getting popular day by day. It has the ability to standout your organization from the others and help your achieve your goals.

What are Online Marketing Services?

Online Marketing services are the solution for you if you see your online strategies failing. They not only lay out the path to success for you but also helps you learning wide range of things. These learning help you derive the traffic to your website and then making money out of them.

The best thing about these services is that they are cost efficient and shows results fast. It takes help of all practices and technology to encourage the market website. These services allow search engine users to know that your website is well maintained. They make sure that your business website shows up top in the search results.

Advantages of Online Marketing Services

  • Gives your website long term visibility

Good online marketing services uses search engine friendly or SEO friendly techniques which are highly efficient. These techniques has the ability to derive an instantaneous traffic to your website. Moreover, they improve your site ranking so that your website is easily visible to others or your customers all over the world.

All you need to do is find an online marketing agency that suits your business budget.

  • Increasing Potential Customer Clicks on your website

If you are taking services from a highly efficient online marketing service agency or organization, the actual sells will be highly increased. The agency will help your website in such a way that the quality visitor clicks are converted into sales more often. But, you have to be sure that the agency is using only ethical methods to help your website. Otherwise, it will deteriorate your company’s repo in the long run.

  • Cost-Effective Value from your marketing expenses

In business, you need to take care of all your expenses. You need to forecast what profit any technique will get you for what amount of money. Forecasting helps you in taking such decisions quickly and easily. Online Marketing Services are one such cost effective technique that might be prove as a useful tool in the long run. Depending on the use of Pay per Click (PPC) marketing technique or Search engine optimization technique (SEO), prices may vary from one service provider to another.

With the use of right web based strategies and technique, one may be able to position his or her website high up on the charts, thus deriving high traffic to the website. But, make sure you choose an agency which provides efficient services only through ethical methods. Unethical might look profitable but they aren’t. For Online Marketing Services in UK, opting for strategic yet legitimate services is the best solution.

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21 Feb 2018

Custom Web Development in UK

As more of the population comes online and businesses go digital, the means to connect to potential customers and tap into user base keeps on increasing. When any business goes online, it has tremendous potential to garner additional revenues. However, the most common mistakes hampering the growth of trade happen to be the ones that are easy to escape our attention.  Thus, Custom Web development in UK here not only is a priority but a need.

So what exactly comes under Custom Web Development in UK?

Custom Web Development implies building  a website right from the scratch. Every aspect of the User interface and every component of the backend technology powering your website’s performance is designed and implemented in accordance with your directions. Broadly speaking it can be broken down into two parts:

  • Your website consists of User Interface which is also known as Front end. Here you call the shots regarding the look and feel of your webpage. From deciding where to place the slider to ensuring slide menus are picture perfect, all the design is laid out in line with your vision.
  • The backend meanwhile consists of code invisible to everybody at the other end of the screen(User) but drives the whole show. Fetching the data from the database, connecting to the server, ensuring that there’s no lag in the response time, the unsung hero of a great website is a sturdy back end ensuring that the things are going along smoothly

Why should you choose Custom Web Development in UK?

  • Well, for starters, there is far greater control handed over to you, the owner, to decide exactly the type of website you’re expecting your user to experience as compared to the templates that have very few avenues for modification.
  • Unique Selling Proposition of your website ensures that it stands out among the plethora of web pages that use more or less the same kind of webpage.
  • With the right choice of company to handle your development, you can ensure that your website is SEO friendly and thus, ensure that there is far greater visibility and therefore, more traffic
  • Adaptability: Any last minute changes you think that should be made to enhance the website? Worry no more as the website is built to take into account even these scenarios and ensure that all those suggestions are adhered to.
  • Scalability: Having a Custom Web development ensures that your website grows along with our business. The more users increase on your website, the more changes you can make without compromising on anything. Additionally, you can keep on tweaking your webpage from a very rudimentary look to a chic feel by making changes as you figure out what exactly you are looking for.

Thus with all the advantages listed out, it is clear that why you SHOULD have Custom web page development as your preferred option. The world is  changing everyday, it is time that your business, online and otherwise, keeps on changing too.

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14 Feb 2018

Top Mistakes that App Developers make during App Development

Having a mobile or web application has become the essence of any business nowadays. It simplifies your work and the way your customers connect with you. It also helps them connect with you anywhere, anytime. Hence, this builds up a special bond between you and your customers.

So, if you are looking forward to hire an “App Development Company in UK” for your business, you should know about the top mistakes that App Developers make during App development.

Mistake 1: Building an App for Multiple Platforms

Instead of launching apps on two different platforms, focus on building an ideal app for one platform first. It has been seen that app developers do this common mistake where they try to earn from everywhere. But, that’s not how it works. For e.g. Instead of going with both Play Store and App Store, focus on Play Store first. Launch the app, update it regularly and eliminate out the difficulties faced by the customers.

Mistake 2: Incorporating too many features at once

Many app developers either try to incorporate too many features at once or too less. These features make the app more complex instead of making it more amazing. The basic mantra for a brilliant app is to just keep it simple. The more easily the end user can interact with the app, the more successful your app becomes. You can do all this just by including all the primary features on the primary screen and the rest on the secondary screens.

Mistake 3: App UI not so interesting

Sometime, an app developers builds up an amazing app but it still fails to impress the potential customers. The reason might lie in its User Interface. Basically, you need to consider the fact that your app must have that “WOW” feature in it. When someone opens, he should be impressed by the way your app has been designed. Its look and its features both should be impressive and easy to use. But remember, you should not overdo these things too.

Mistake 4: Considering your App as perfect and not releasing any updates for it.

This is one common mistake that most of the app developers do. So, when you are looking for an “App Development Company in UK”, you should ask your developers for updates too. These updates can be based on user suggestions, any problem or app bug that you get to know about in the post-launch phase etc. Even if you are not changing any functional features, you can change the UI of the app, so that it looks brand new. This is to ensure that your user doesn’t get bored and it also keeps them hooked to the app.

So, these were the common mistakes that app developers commit in the present time. Since, you know about them all, you can keep a check on it and help your app developer make an amazing business app for you. If you need an app for your business, you can also visit www.codifier.co and check out some brilliant templates which are available at minimal cost.

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07 Feb 2018

Why your Business needs Digital Marketing?

Running a business doesn’t only means the manufacturing of a product. This is because manufacturing alone can’t earn you profit. In order to make profit, you have to sell the goods and to sell goods, you have to promote them or advertise them.

But, gone are the days when people used to rely on newspapers for the sales of their product. Now, if you want your business to be successful, you have to adapt new and modern techniques of marketing too.

The modern techniques involves the use of Internet, Television and other electronic ads etc. for the promotion of your goods and services. These techniques makes up Digital Marketing.

Now, the question is “Why your Business needs Digital Marketing?

The answer is simple. Let’s have a look at all the reasons to know why.

Advantages of Digital Marketing:

Global Reach

With the traditional methods of marketing like newspapers and magazines etc., the reach was limited to few cities, states etc. But, with the help of Internet, you can now reach your customers and potential customers globally. You can connect with them at ease. Moreover, most of the population uses social networking platforms which is full of tons of ads nowadays. These ads help to derive traffic to your website and thus help in selling of your product and services.

Competitive Edge

Digital Marketing takes websites and your own business app into account too. Mobile applications enables one to get in touch with you anytime, anywhere. If you are looking forward to have your own business app, you can check out codifier At a minimum cost, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits.

With increased reach and new methods, your business will gain a competitive edge over other companies. This can help you establish your business as a brand. Once that happens, you will gain people’s trust which will eventually give you rise in sales and thus profit.

Budgeting Constraints

If you compare the benefits of digital marketing against the amount of money invested, you will end up finding that it almost counts for nothing. Moreover, if you want to be free from any kind of stress with the Digital Marketing Campaign, you can even hire a digital marketing agency for you which doesn’t costs much.

These are few of the reasons “Why your Business needs Digital Marketing?”

You can take help of a digital marketing agency to do all the Digital Marketing job for you. The agency basically consists of a group of experts which help in laying out the best marketing campaign for you at a minimal price. Since, they have a lot of experience of the field, they will make your business more efficient in a short period of time. Moreover, they can help you with methods like Cost per Click (CPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), CPP, etc. to increase your generation of income. They boost up your presence and visibility among other business having the same digital marketing policies.

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07 Feb 2018

Everything you need to know before starting a Product

You might have seen some people become successful in a very small period of time while it takes years for some to become successful. So, is there any short trick or some cheat code that you can use or you should use in your business? Yeah, there is.

Basically, your business’s growth depends on how you are going to run it. People who run it smartly are the ones who make the most out of it. By smartly, we mean that before heading on to the production phase, you need to prepare an outline and know few things about your business first.

So, here is Everything you need to know before starting a Product

Rule 1: A Business is not a business until you actually sell something

Any Business is not just about manufacturing a product in the best terms of quality only. In order to earn profit, you have to sell it and to sell a product you have to promote or advertise it. Unless and until people know about your product, how are they going to buy it?

Rule 2: If you’re unable to sell, then you cannot survive

The business world is really competitive right now. In order to survive, you have to supply as max product as you can and if you are unable to sell a single product in the market, then definitely you’re going to suffer a heavy loss.

Rule 3: The product you manufacture must be in Demand

Actually, this is the most important one that people forget to notice. Before starting a business, you should have an idea of your product. If you have the idea, you must check whether it is required in the market or not. If yes, then just go with it.

Rule 4: Forecasting is Important too

In order not to suffer any kind of loss in business, you have to forecast various possibilities. You should analyse the risk involved, forecast the demand, amount of money to be invested etc. On basis of the analysis and the surveys done, you should take all your business decisions at a moderate level of risk.

Rule 5: Focus on One Thing and One Problem until you solve it

This is kind of important too. People tend to run after many problem at the same time which doesn’t ends up well for them. The basic approach should be solving a single problem at one time. Once you get rid of that, you should move on to the next one.

Rule 6: Failure is not the End

Almost all the successful businessmen in today’s world didn’t became the way they are today in their first attempt. They were opposed, they failed and they learnt from their mistakes. The lesson that they got from their life and their will to keep working hard brought them to the place where they stand today. So, always remember, a failure is a mere obstacle in your path and not the end of you.

So, this was Everything you need to know before starting a Product”. In order to develop a successful business, you should advance too. You should adapt techniques like having your own website and a mobile app too. codifier can help you in making an amazing customized business app for you at minimal charges.

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