16 Oct

5 tips to celebrate a safe and happy Diwali with kids

Diwali is one of the biggest and most celebrated festivals across India and the world. The preparations start many weeks in advance. People get their houses spic and span in anticipation of Goddess Lakshmi to visit their homes during this auspicious occasion. It is a festival of lights, togetherness, happiness, prosperity, sweets & celebrations. It is also a festival with most number of accidents. It is important to take certain steps, especially as parents to ensure a happy and bright Diwali for us and for the world.

Here are some tips to ensure a safe Diwali for our children’s and us.

1. Electrical Lights: 

Lighting your house is a ritual during Diwali. Ensure that the electrical lights that you use are of good quality.

There should not be any loose wires hanging around. Preferably hang them at height where your kids can’t reach and plug them using an extension chord with proper earthing.

Children tend to pull any loose wires and this might result in a short circuit.

2. Diya’s:

The beauty of candles and diya’s can never be compared to the artificial electric lights. Lightening Diya’s actually reduces the electricity consumed, make our homes look more pretty in the night. Also we can create an earning potential for the potters and low income group who sell Diya’s and earn their bread.

Make sure you don’t place diya’s outside your door. Please ensure that there aren’t any combustible materials around. If you have a toddler around, it’s better to keep these diya’s out of their reach at an elevation. Ensure that the diya’s placed outside the door have sufficient spacing so that children don’t bang in to them when running in and out of the house. Avoid filling oil till the brim. This might cause unnecessary spilling and slippery floors.

3. Crackers:

As firecrackers leave the city hazy, noisy and littered with waste the next morning, the best way to celebrate Diwali is to go firecracker-free. Sure, It’s difficult to keep children away from crackers although each of us knows the side effects of crackers. If not keeping them completely away, we can definitely minimize the effects. You could also opt for eco-friendly crackers that are made from recycled paper. The noise produced by these crackers is also within the decibel limits set by the Central Pollution Control Board.

Make sure they are wearing closed footwear and close fitting clothes of thick material instead of loose or flowing garments while lighting fireworks. Keep the crackers safe and ensure that the child does not have access to it in your absence. Keep a bucket of water handy just as a precaution.

4. Diwali Attire and Sweets:

Diwali is the time when your child has the closest proximity to fire. While shopping for your child, ensure that you choose a fabric that’s not too synthetic or too thin.  Make sure they are wearing closed footwear and close fitting clothes of thick material instead of loose or flowing attire while lighting fireworks.

Diwali is the time for all us to binge on sweets and snacks. This is applicable to the kids as well. As far as possible keep them away from outside stuff. If you make them at home, nothing like it. If not then ensure that you pick these from the right store and also ensure that these are consumed in moderation.

5. Keep Your Little-ones Around:

Right from cleaning the house, to decorating the house, making the sweets or snacks, making rangoli, performing pooja, bursting crackers ensure that your child is actively involved.

Give him or her small tasks so that they also enjoy the festivities. This indirectly will keep them around you all the time and ensure their safety.

A little care and a little precaution can make Diwali happy n safe for each of us. Hope you liked this blog on how to ensure a safe Diwali for children. For more please visit our website.

Codifier wishes you all a Happy and Safe Diwali!



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