01 Nov

5 Qualities to become a great boss

It’s not easy being a Boss who is just like a leader/ Mentor. Boss with a bossy attitude will always create differences between him and his employees. Not everyone knows how to be a great boss. But most can tell you a story about enduring one.

We spend a third of our lives with our employees and co-workers so why not try to create an environment that encourages fun and supports productivity. Successful managers/Leaders have figured out what it takes to encourage and motivate employees, which even makes them a great boss. Here are some qualities of a great boss, which I always found in my boss:

1. Knows How To Inspire and Encourage Growth:

The fact of the matter is that great leaders know how to inspire.

Sometimes, they don’t even know it. However, what makes them a great boss is the fact that when there’s a big moment, they know how to react to it and how to make the people around them react to it.

If there’s a high-pressure situation, the last thing you would want to deal with is someone who would look at it frivolously and not be able to motivate others. The opposite of stress is resilience, so if a boss can learn to make stress he’ll be able to inspire his team better.

Also one should invest in employees’ growth. Give them the training and teaching they need, and learn to develop a growth mindset. Failure and experimentation shouldn’t be punished, but should be looked at as learning opportunities.

2. Setting a Clear Performance Expectations by Focusing on Goal:

Research suggests that employees experience increased stress levels when they don’t have a good understanding of what is expected of them. Setting clear performance expectations includes having a very specific job description that lays out all expected tasks as well as employee goals.

Keep the entire team focused, and aligned towards one long-term goal.

It’s important to make sure that everyone knows why he or she is doing certain task and what is the result that can come from doing it.

Make sure that your employees are engaged and that they are aligned in terms of knowing the vision and goals of the organization.

Setting clear, realistic, actionable goals for the team is one of the most important parts, which a boss should keep in mind.

3. Promote Work Life Balance

This isn’t just one of the traits of a great boss this is also a trait of a great company. Allowing employees to have balance between their work and their life allows them to be at peace and it lets them know that they’re more than just an employee, but a valuable person within their company. Our Boss here in Codifier Technologies is one of the best bosses I have ever met. He always understands that every employee has his own life apart from work. Which he always supports and gives time for.

4. Praise Your Employees as and when required:

Always Remember, a pat on the back goes a long way. Employees need to feel appreciated. Research shows that human beings thrive on recognition. They just never get tired of it. Nothing works like positive reinforcement, and a great boss is very aware of this.

Boss should create a culture of recognition where not only where boss are giving praise to employees, but employees are giving praise to each other (it means more when it comes from coworkers). Make it public too; everyone needs to see the praise. Show your appreciation, even for the small things that your employees do.

5. Act as a Mentor:

A great boss views her position as both a leader and a coach, someone who educates and encourages her players, who leads her team by example. If you’d like to be a great boss a major part of your skill set will have to be a mentor. If you’re able to help your employees excel at something, your duty is to lead them in the right direction and make sure that they’re as good as you, and if possible, better!



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