07 Oct

4 Things You Can Do to Create the Perfect Startup Team

There is one question most owners/ founder need answers for when trying to build a startup: “how to build that perfect team?” There is no guaranteed universal solution for building the perfect startup team because all businesses are based on people.

A great team can make or break your business. That’s a lot of pressure put on us as business owners and entrepreneurs!

Here are four tips to help you build a perfect business or startup.

1. Create a standard in measuring cultural fit: There isn’t a magic formula here, since there is no hard rules for hiring startup talent. Plus, it doesn’t hold in most corporate systems.

What are your values? Goals? Methods?

These are the things that you have either thought about or quickly should because they are all essential elements in defining a company’s culture.

Your culture will be unique to your team, and will dictate the way you envision and plan for the future, communicate with each other, the amount of freedom within the company, and all the other details that make your company different and employee & client friendly.

2. Find your Team: Before you check for a culture fit, look for people with the technical skills you need and who are willing to work. Depending on your company, you may need a mix of engineers, marketing people, designers, developers, customer care executives, managers, and more. It’s important to identify the specific roles you need to fill, and the skills that are require.

Whilst there is no fail-proof formula that allows you to easily distinguish between people who should vs. should not make up your start-up team, it nevertheless remains true that you must ultimately choose the right people if your company is to be a success. Best option would be to outsource your position, which will save your money, time and reduce your risk to hire a permanent employee.

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3. Check for Culture Fit: Although it should be obvious, it’s worth emphasizing: expertise shouldn’t be your only deciding factor when choosing a person for your team.Make sure each person you choose for your team fits the culture that you identified earlier. Take a close look at how they communicate, what type of personality they are, or even how they respond to unexpected questions. You want to find out how they work, what types of people they like to work with, and how they react. Check to see if they share your company’s values, see if their personal goals would fit in well with your goals for the company.

Remember that a good cultural fit doesn’t mean that you found a new best friend to work with; it just means that there will be a good harmony in moving the company forward. Cultural fit also doesn’t mean that every person on your team is the same- diversity is an asset. But you do need cultural fit to succeed.

4. Acknowledge Strengths and Weaknesses of your employees: Be aware that every winning team has weaknesses as well as strengths. The same goes for every individual person. If you only search for people with all strengths and no weaknesses, you’ll either come out disappointed and without a team, or with a team full of large egos- neither of which will help you and your company succeed. Instead, acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of your team, and think about how the different combinations of skills will help your team win.

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