25 Jan

10 Questions That the Clients May Ask the Mobile App Developers

In the present time, you need to work on other things too apart from the factors that affect the efficiency of your product and services. These are as necessary as other production parameters for your business. These “extra” services or functions helps in increasing your reach all over the world. Moreover, they provide an impact approach in your business. One of these services includes the availability of a Mobile App.

A Mobile App is must in the present time for any business. It allows your users to connect with you anytime and anywhere. In order to make an amazing mobile app, you can visit codifier.

So, if you are planning to hire a developer for your business who ca develop a mobile app for you or your busiess, then here are the 10 Questions That the Clients May Ask the Mobile App Developers.

Let’s have a look.

Q.1  Can I have a look at the previous apps that you have developed?

Client may ask the mobile developers about their past work. That’s why they should be prepared to show some of the previous projects done by them. Moreover, they should include their best apps developed in this lot and also some apps from the ongoing projects.

Q.2 What are your core services?

Clients are always curious to know about your app development process. Moreover, they can come up with questions like what strategies will you adopt in case of any unexpected failure or problem within the app? So, be prepared all these questions and to explain your methodology of work that you will go through while developing the application.

Q.3  How can I earn money?

Well, this one is a general question. Since, apps are developed for a better reach and audience, some might use the app itself for business. That’s why some clients loves to know how they can make some money with the app itself.

Q.4  What will be the means of targeting the audience?

If anyone wants to have a better reach and audience, they get their app available on the most popular platforms like Play Store or App Store. For this, prior permissions are required. The purchase by the consumers are done when these requests or permissions are approved.

Q.5  What will be your preferred mode of communication during the app development process?

Any Client loves to know the progress of their work with the passage of time. So, make sure you inform your client about the preferred way of communication and how you are going to deal with the whole process as per his requirements.

Q.6  Do you have any awards or recognitions?

He might also ask you if you did any significant work or for your recognitions. The app developers with recognitions and more awards can easily make more money than the others.

Q.7  Can you work within my budget?

Most of the developers already inform their clients about their plans and charges. But, there are some who work according to the client needs and their budget.

Q.8  Will there be any special feature in my app?

Any app with extra features can grab more attention than the other of the same genre. That’s why clients tend to ask this question.

Q.9  Do you know about the use of IDE tools?

Since most of the developers are aware of the IDE tools, Clients might ask you about them, their use and benefits.

Q.10 How do you calculate the pricing of an app?

Investment in anything is important in business. Getting a mobile app developed makes the user curious, how app developers calculate the pricing of the app so one might ask that too.

So, these were our 10 Questions That the Clients May Ask the Mobile App Developers. Make sure, you go through all of them.


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